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Get rid of Corbyn

I suggest that you, John Woodcock, make it clear that, like me, you can't trust Corbyn to fight terrorism, when he has always voted against anti-terrorist legislation and has consistently befriended terrorist groups such as the IRA and Hamas. I also suggest you also try to persuade someone like me, who has been voting Labour for 50 years, to vote Labour again on Thursday, when to do so could help Corbyn into power.

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We are writing to say that we think it is entirely inappropriate for you to be working against the Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and sowing the seeds of dissent and division with the party. For most of my life I have been a labour party supporter - but with the fiascos that were Blair and Brown I had finally lost patience and decided to temporarily vote for the Greens. With the election of Jeremy Corbyn my wife and I enthusiastically rejoined the Labout Party. He is a breath of fresh air in British politics - a true alternaitve to the Conservatives and a representaitve of true Labour Party ideals. We urge you to get behind him instead of coming out publically statement that create internal rancour and confusion among the public. This will simply guarantee another win for this Conservative givernment.

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A forum for debate.

Even model railway clubs and boy-band fan sites have forums on their sites. It seems odd to me that there isn't one here. Healthy debate on current events would give Mr Woodcock a barometer of local opinion. You know, so he can represent us.

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Bombing IsIL

First of all, I am not a pacifist. I am an ex serviceman. I hate IsIL and all they have done and would love to see them wiped from the face of the earth. However, I do not believe that the PM has made a strong enough case for the UK to participate in the bombing of IsIL. Once again it seems that our Prime Minister is keen on rushing our country into hostilities on a wave of jingoism. Air strikes alone, as has been proved ever since ww2, have no chance of success and as the plan stands at the moment these proposed strikes will follow suit. I have just heard on the radio that the Tories will be phoning every Labour MP asking them to support the PM. Oddly enough, I thought the MP that WE elected was here to represent the constituents who elected him. So, now you have my view. I will be very disappointed if you choose to support Mr Cameron instead.

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Regarding Welfare Reforem

It took a 5 minute search on the internet to find this: If you access VACS01, you will see a spreadsheet that shows the estimates of the number of unemployed people compared with the number of job vacancies from 2001, to 2015. Looking at the data, it becomes obvious that full employment between 2001 and 2015 has been impossible, which means that some people are always going to be unemployed, and therefore reliant on benefits. Which means that claiming benefits is not a choice, it's a necessity. Now I'm not saying there are no people that don't want to work, but even if they did, they couldn't, as the jobs just aren't there. Therefore, given that claiming benefits is a necessity, it seems utterly immoral to stigmatize benefit claimants the way the Tories, and the right wing press have been doing over the years. Also, it is equally immoral for any MP to be influenced by this strategy. Rather than pander to a public that have been brainwashed to believe that there are plenty of jobs, and that benefit claimants just chose to not work. Labour should either point out that unemployment is a fact of life in a capitalist system, unless of course, the government intervenes. or employ people, at the rate of the minimum wage, that the private sector could, or would not. However, until Jeremy Corbyn becomes leader, I suspect that the current Labour Party will carry on kow towing to wealth and power, at the expense of the very people the Labour party was created to protect.

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Hello I cannot get to your surgery because I have to travel to Whitehaven to work on the A595 every day. What a mess that road is especially through Kirby and over the moon cratered Duddon Bridge. I pick up a work colleague who lives in Kirkstone Crescent. This road is out of the way in the centre of the Hawcoat Estate. It is not a primary or secondary road in fact your only in the street if you live there or are visiting. Definitely NO through traffic. Footfall less than Mount Everest. My colleague who lives there has been informed by letter that the Highways Authority are to totally replace the pavement which at a guess is 200m long. I walk this crescent and the pavement is no worse than any in the area. Not patch and repair but a total replacement and at what cost when jobs are being lost, budgets cut and services are under threat. My colleague stated that "there is a guy around the crescent who can get things done". There are many roads and pavements in towns around Cumbria in desperate need of repair. Kirkstone Crescent is NOT one of them. To abuse your position, power and Tax money to benefit yourself and your property is to be corrupt.

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Trident replacement boats

Please urge the Labour Party to make clear to the people of Barrow what their plans for Trident are. If they can't commit to four boats,then they will lose the town to the Tories. Listening to conversations within the town,most people are confused and believe that only the Conservatives have pledged themselves to ordering four. Therefore people in Barrow intend to vote for the party that will guarantee the future prosperity of the town,rather than the party of their own political beliefs

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